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Welcome to Bredenkamp IP Attorneys

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We advise our clients on how to derive the maximum benefit from their Intellectual Property (IP), whether it be patentable inventions, trademarks, registered designs, copyrighted works, know-how and/or trade secrets. We register, enforce and defend IP rights. Our dedicated Africa IP team are experts in all matter relating to IP in Africa.

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Patents and copyright are but two categories of Intellectual Property (IP).  Other categories include trademarks, registered designs, know-how and trade-secrets.  IP can be defined as creations of the mind that are capable of being protected by law from use by another person, whether in terms of South African law or foreign intellectual property law.  These creations can be protected through the registration thereof or through contract or both.  

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We assist our local and international clients to file patent, trademark and registered design applications throughout Africa. We have a dedicated team at Bredenkamp Attorneys that manage all IP filings in Africa for our international clients, including the application, prosecution, and renewals of their patents, trademarks, and designs on the continent.

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We advise and act in patent, trademark, domain name disputes, copyright, registered design, unlawful competition and related disputes. We also advise and act in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) matters. We have extensive experience in arbitration and mediation proceedings, as an alternate dispute resolution forum to High Court proceedings.

The importance of women innovators for the economy read more

by Magdaleen Jooste / 31 Aug, 2018

Michael Porter once said “Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.” We know that innovators obviously drive innovation and innovation in turn - drives the economy.  

Karel Bredenkamp was a guest on the breakfast show Groot FM read more

by Joni Bornman / 03 Nov, 2017

Karel Bredenkamp was a guest on the breakfast show Groot FM on the television channel KykNET.  The clips are unfortunately only available in Afrikaans:

ARIPO amends the Harare Protocol read more

by Mitzi Klobbie / 13 Feb, 2017

The African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) is an intergovernmental organisation established in 1976 for the cooperative management of intellectual property (IP) matters amongst

NPA's Jiba & Mrwebi Struck off the Roll read more

by Karel Bredenkamp / 16 Sep, 2016

The General Council of the Bar of South Africa was successful in an application to the High Court, Gauteng Division, Pretoria, to have South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority’s Deputy Nationa

Are SA Courts Pro-IP Rights? read more

by Brian Wimpey / 13 Sep, 2016

South African law is a common-law system where legal statutes are interpreted by the High Court, and where applicable, by our Constitutional Court with reference to the common law.

Anton Piller Proceedings read more

by Karel Bredenkamp / 17 Jul, 2016

Without proper evidence one cannot hope to be a successful litigant.  In many cases however, the evidence required is in the hands of one’s opponent.   One potentially valuable tool that clients ma